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Emotion Matrix


Virtual Reality Meets E-Motion!

Experience a thrill unlike anything else in the world! Emotion Matrix is the exclusive touring virtual reality 360 experience that includes a motion platform and sensory / emotion enhancements brought onsite to your location! Emotion Matrix is engineered with the highest technology to deliver a full 4D virtual reality! Choose from 15 exhilarating programs & different levels ranging from ‘Basic’, ‘Exciting’, & ‘Extreme’! This unique virtual reality setup comes to you fully staffed & insured, nationwide!! | 1.888.655.7263 | info@emotionmatrix.net

Emotion Matrix Emotion Matrix Emotion Matrix  
Emotion Matrix   Emotion Matrix   Emotion Matrix  
Emotion Matrix   Emotion Matrix   Emotion Matrix  

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A full fitted headset with surround sound providing  the ultimate VR 360 experience
A 42” large screen monitor for participants & onlookers
A Light-up full motion base with a safety railing system
An 8ft tower providing variable wind speeds for enhancing the “Emotion” experience
2 Complete units setup onsite for high volume throughput
Emotion Matrix
Up to 40 Participants per Hour
15 Exhilarating Programs On-Demand
Double Door Access
10′ x 15′ Area for Setup
2 Separate 110/20 Amp Circuits
This virtual reality ride may cause motion sickness or disorientation for some.

Emotion Matrix: Virtual Reality Meets E-Motion!
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  Emotion Matrix | info@emotionmatrix.net | 1.888.655.7263

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For more information, contact us at:
1.888.655.7263 | info@emotionmatrix.net