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Fantasy Faces

Who do you want to be?

Have you ever wanted to be a celebrity, musician, athlete, model, animation or fantasy character! Now you can! Fantasy Faces will take your picture & make you into your choice of face-in-hole. Want to be on a magazines cover or movie poster? We can do that too! Fantasy Faces has hundreds of photo templates participants can pick from. You can be anyone, anywhere that you would like! Each participant will take home a 4×6 framed fantasy photo of themselves to share with friends and family. | 1.888.655.7263

Show Details:

Choose from:

* Totally Self Contained show! * Hundreds of Templates * Hours of Crowd Participation! * Each Participant is given a 4×6 Framed Fantasy Photo! * Publish in Facebook and Other Social Networks!
*Movie Posters *Magazines *Cartoons/ Fantasy Photos *Celebrity/Musician Photos *Retro Photos *** And More!!!
Fantasy Faces Fantasy Faces

Click Here to Download “Fantasy Faces” 11×17 Poster
Fantasy Faces