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 The Most Technologically Advanced Simulators!

From pulse-pounding realistic racing to life saving driving simulations or the sensory enhancing motion-base virtual reality setups to bone-jarring space battles, Kramer Entertainment has the MOST technologically advanced simulators on Earth! Learn More | 1.888.655.7263

Emotion Matrix

Emotion Matrix Motion Simulator

Experience the exclusive touring virtual reality 360 experience that includes a motion platform and sensory/emotion enhancements brought onsite to your location fully staffed & insured! Emotion Matrix is engineered with the highest technology to deliver a full 4D virtual reality!
Drunk Driving

The Save A Life Tour: Safe Driving Awareness Simulators

Experience first-hand the devastating effects of poor driving choices. The international “Save A Life Tour” has been developed to provide state-of-the-art, interactive driving simulation that truly shows participants the grim reality of destructive decisions including impaired & distracted driving.

Nascar Racing Simulator

Strap yourself into the ONLY full-size virtual motion Nascar simulators in the world! Nothing else compares to the thrill of being in an authentic race car, driving the speedway, and racing against the stars of the sport!

Indianapolis Cart Racing Simulator

Four drivers compete at the same time in the same race! You will actually feel the speed as your car leans into high speed turns.

3-D Motion Theater Simulator

Use the same technology used to train the space shuttle astronauts in this 3D motion simulator! Includes 3-D digital video, digital surround sound, & the physical sensation that creates a true multi-sensory mind/body experience!

Voyager Space Simulator

Fly the most powerful star fighter ever created – The Voyager! Built for speed with incredible firepower, this full motion space combat simulator is packed with action & realism leaving you on edge of your seat!

Ski Extreme Simulator

Swoosh down an alpine, snow-covered mountain while getting snowed on! A fun skiing experience without the cold!

Pro Cup Racing

Pro Cup Racing Simulator

Authentic 2/3 scale NASCAR stock-cars bring realism to new levels! The high-torque, force-feedback steering gives the driver a true sense of G-Force, Tire Slip and Vehicle Response.

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