Save A Life Tour: Safe Driving Awareness Programs

This Event Will Save A Life.

The International Save A Life Tour is the nation’s most advanced and high-impact Safe Driving Awareness Program. Beginning with a thought provoking video, the program jumps into a live presentation full of personal stories including the loss of loved ones. The event then brings mass crowd participation to the driver’s seat of our highly advanced impaired & distracted driving simulators.Together, our multi-million dollar Distracted & Impaired Simulators remain the ONLY simulators in the nation that give participants a completely realistic, sober perspective on the effects of driving while impaired or distracted. Our team is honored to have educated individuals of all ages at hundreds of schools and universities; also at numerous military bases, corporate events and offices all over the world! The Save A Life Tour travels locally, nationally, and internationally.

Our Safe Driving Awareness Program Simulators:

Safe Driving

Impaired Driving Simulator

With presentation and interactive simulators, our international “Save A Life Tour” shows participants the very real and often fatal consequences of poor choices that are made while impaired or distracted and driving.
Safe Driving

Distracted Driving Simulator

Distracted driving has become an increasingly large problem on our nations roadways in recent years. Our Distracted Driving Awareness Program Simulator emulates what can happen when you’re texting and driving!

Save A Life Tour Program Synopsis

The International Save A Life Tour: Safe Driving Awareness Programs
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