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Sport Attractions

More Ways to Play!

Try our Bubble Soccer Bumper Balls, they are a great new way to play Bubble Soccer or football. Players will be bumping, bouncing, rolling around and laughing during this high flying game. The Bumper Balls come in two sizes – adult and older youth. Whether you are a player or a spectator, you will be talking about this interactive game for days. If you like racing sports, the Zorb Balls could add to that challenge. Individuals get inside the 10′ foot Zorb Balls to compete against their friends in a dizzy twisted race or a obstacle style course. When the action begins, try to beat your opponent in this exciting fast paced event! | 1.888.655.7263
* Each of these events can be reserved together or separately*

Bumper Balls  

Bumper Balls

Play Bubble Soccer or bump into friends!!! Players will be bumping, bouncing, rolling around, & laughing throughout the game this fun activity sport!
Giant Dartboard  

Giant Velcro Dartboard

Your event will score big with our GIANT 20W x 11L x 15H Velcro Dartboard! Kick & throw Velcro soccer balls at the massive inflatable and then jump high to try and get them back. The most entertaining exercise your event can experience!
Sports Galore  

Sports Galore

Put your athletic skills to the test with our new interactive inflatable! Sports Galore includes three games in one humongous unit! Reaching over 12ft tall, this crazy fun inflatable will fit in any gymnasium or outdoors!
Zorb Balls    

Zorb Balls

One person gets inside of each of the 10′ Zorb Balls. When the action begins, see which person can make it to the end of the track and back first.
Dodge Ball    


Dodgeball is a fast paced, action filled game that pits one team against another. Players on two teams throw the dodge balls at each other, while attempting to avoid being hit themselves – all in an 50L x 30W inflatable arena!
 Human Foosball  

Human Foosball

The Human Foosball inflatable arena is 50L x 30W. In this hilarious sport, players hold onto covered ropes while trying to kick a ball into a net across the floor!

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Sport Atrractions