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Tactical Laser Tag | TLT

No Vest Needed!

Tactical Laser Tag (T.L.T.) is fast action high-tech game customized to your gaming needs and location. TLT’s fast turnaround allows more throughput and more games to be played. Participants work as teams in a realistic simulated battle environment that can be played almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors, any time of year. This exciting event is completely mobile & will be brought right to your location! We provide ALL the equipment and supervision needed for the event, up to 12 people can play at a time. We also provide an adrenaline pumping sound system and microphone. Tactical Laser Tag’s weapons are standalone & realistic, but NO VEST is needed. Everyone will have a blast playing TLT! | 1.888.655.7263

Tactical Laser Tag Tactical Laser Tag Tactical Laser Tag

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tactical laser tag

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Tactical Laser Tag

Tactical Laser Tag